Neutral Vendor Managed Service Provide


Locumpod ® is an innovative concept and subsequent marketplace wrapped around our own, very clever, web-based and powerful technology, 3 Blue Dots™. We are the leaders in innovative neutral managed service provision for the UK’s Healthcare Sector.

Our clients include some of the most influential teaching Trusts (both Foundation and Non Foundation Trusts), specialist hospitals such as Children’s and Orthopaedics as well as complex community Trusts.

We help our clients make easy work of the demand for temporary staff across all staff types using 3 critical channels or sources of supply (in order of importance)

·         Internal Talent Pool or BANK

·         Inter Trust supply

·         Network of approved suppliers


Some of the critical questions our clients are now able to answer:


·         Where am I using temporary staff?

·         Why do I use temporary staff?

·         How much do I spend on temporary staff?

·         What should our organisation do differently to reduce agency demand?

·         How much did I save since I appointed Locumpod?


How does it work?

·         We are not an agency nor in any way affiliated to an agency

·         We focus all our efforts in building a local, regional or collaborative (shared) bank for our clients

·         We then further increase the utilisation of both bank and establishment resources by managing the VAT efficient, inter-Trust marketplace

·         We lastly, manage all aspects of the agency supply chain: The booking process, Compliance, Performance and credit control. We work with recognised frameworks and procurement teams to implement the most suitable supply structure: master vendor, preferred supplier or general framework

Some of the obvious benefits one can expect:

ü  Refined and efficient temp/locum booking service – online, by phone or text.

ü  Electronic and manual timesheet management process

ü  Payroll and disbursement services

ü  Consolidated invoicing

ü  Real-time management information

ü  Tangible cost savings