Welcome to Locumpod® (beta) – The NHS’s first unofficial virtual Staff Bank


Locumpod is many things to different individuals, depending on their role and need. At its core, Locumpod is a marketplace that brings all the stakeholders closer together to reduce the total cost (whilst introducing more transparency and control) of the temporary recruitment process.

The Healthcare professional benefits from:

  • Automatic access to a  free service that does not impact his/her current employment contract with the Trust
  • Receive a very powerful career management portal to manage components such as professional documentation, professional registrations, schedules and availability to do locum shifts, timesheets relating to locum shifts, payments relating to locum shifts and so much more.
  • Be first in line to receive the best jobs at desired locations and premium rates (agencies tend to stand last in line).
  • Enjoy a hassle free and admin light process.
  • When changing employer- the career portal is merely transferred into the new employer without having to re-register.

The Staffing Department of the Hospital enjoys the following benefits:

  • Super slick management of all vacant shifts throughout the hospital without creating a single email.
  • Powerful search and selection of suitably qualified, eligible and available resource most likely to work the shift(s)
  • Automated and semi automated booking and confirmation process.
  • Followed by a string of features and functionalities relating to timesheets, authorisations, payments etc.
  • The ability to outsource unfilled shifts to participating hospitals (Locumpod Hospitals), a low cost service.
  • Followed by a neutral vendor service where consolidated vacant shifts are outsourced to preferred suppliers, without creating any emails or accessing another separate booking system.

Healthcare professionals interested in joining the service.

After the Beta version, Locumpod will activate its automated sign-up facility which will display the participating hospitals you can select to register with. For now, please contact one of the following Trusts for assistance with registration (if you’re already employed with any of the trust, the process is instant):


Barts and The London NHS Trust                               0207 480 4888 (Option 4)

Whipps Cross University Hospital                              0208 538 5522 (x 5370)


Hospitals interested in participating or needs assistance in finding temporary staff

Hospitals can participate at different levels:

  • As a supplier- your trust is able to assist other neighbouring trusts in finding locums
  • As a client- you can request assistance from participating hospitals to fill your shifts

All hospitals are encouraged to try the service for a period. For further information, please contact enquiries@locumpod.co.uk